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Terms of Service
This Terms of Service regards all platforms we may own towards (hereinafter, "us", "our", "we", "" or "Earthling"). Earthling Bot operates on Discord (the "Platform"). By using our service, you agree to the Terms and Service. Your privacy is also important to the Earthling team, this is why we respect any information we may collect whilst you use Earthling as a whole. As we grow, we are constantly adapting this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") to explain and make clear to information we may collect whilst you use our services.

Service Terms
We reverse the right to change, adapt and update our Terms and Service, Privacy Policy and Guidelines without warning or notice. You (the "user", your "account") are responsible for your actions on our services. Any changes made to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Guidelines may be announced on our support server (on the software "Discord").
Your use of the service on Earthling remains a virtual no-stakes game, meaning you should not take us as an example for any real-life situations. We are not responsible for any real-life or virtual actions or damages you take because of your use of our service. Our virtual economy has no connections or links to real-life money. We expect our virtual economy to stay separated.
Using our service for illegal and/or malicious behaviour may result in the suspension of your rights and access to Earthling. We reserve the right to remove your access and/or data from Earthling Bot at any time without warning, for any reason.
By using our service, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Guidelines - both are found on this website.

Refund Policy
We are very grateful and thank those who subscribe to Earthling Premium. Due to the current scale of the bot, every subscription goes towards making Earthling a better bot, along with hosting fees. Because of this, we do not currently allow you to refund your Premium - this is also because of the rewards you get every month as a little thank you.

Website Visitors
While using our website ("") we may use software ("Wix") tools to measure and collect session information, including page response times, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information, and methods used to browse away from the page. Whilst we may have access to information from our software ("Wix") tools, we do not hold or store this data in our database, this is all held at "Wix".

Usage of Discord Bot
Like every Discord Bot, we may store your Discord Data for functioning purposes. Depending on the actions ("Commands"), we may store certain data to hold extra data for you. Data may be created and stored to your account name and identification ("ID"), even if you did not directly use the command - this may be because of a datatype which we use for our "Relationship" module, where we store data towards the author and mentioned user. We may store Member Data (Identification ("ID")), Server Data (Name, Identification ("ID")), Channel Data (Name and Identification ("ID")). Whilst also being in a server with Earthling, you agree to allow Earthling to scan the content of your messages for auto-moderation purposes - however, none of your messages is stored in our database.

Data Deletion and Security
We do not share any of your data with anyone outside of our platform ("Earthling"). All your data is stored securely in private files, and we try our best to make sure your data is protected.
If you wish to get any information about your data or request the removal of your or your server's data, please join our Discord Support Server ("") and open a support ticket, explaining that you want your data to be removed. Once your data is deleted, we cannot restore the data if you wish for it back. Please be aware that the removal of data can only be completed by the developers, and can take up to 48 hours to be completely removed - we do this by running commands to our database and deleting all data that has your or your server's ID associated to it, making sure no data is left behind. If you wish to delete any data from a server, you ("User") must hold official ownership. Upon the request of deleting server data, we recommend removing us ("Earthling") from your server, to prevent more data from being added. Whilst your data is stored, it will be stored unless deleted, even if you are no longer on a server with the bot. We do not take deletion requests by email.

Our Rights
We, the site and platform, have the right to change our Terms of Service, Guidelines and Privacy Policy without upcoming or publishing notice. We recommended checking this page from time to time, so you are aware of any new changes.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions or concerns, please join our Discord Support server ("") to get in contact with a member of our support or development team. Furthermore, you can contact us by our support email:

Last updated and effective: August 26th, 2022
By using Earthling, you agree to all of the following rules. We reserve the right to remove your access from Earthling Bot and remove any of your data at any given time.

Rule One
Do not duplicate any form of global data. This includes pets, items or currency; this also relates to trading them away. It is also strictly forbidden to share these exploits with others. If you accidentally duplicate something, please report the exploit to an Earthling team member.

Rule Two
Do not sell any items or Pokémon for real-life currency or payment. Furthermore, you should not buy any items or Pokémon for any real-life payment. If you are caught, we will possibly remove your access from Earthling, and or delete the item or Pokémon from your inventory.

Rule Three
Personal rank card backgrounds must be appropriate for all users. This may include racist, stereotypical or NSFW content, along with other content that is prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a limitation on being able to customise your personal rank card background. Furthermore, please respect any servers you use which may have extra rules regarding what your personal rank card may and may not have. We are working on a feature which will allow you to display your personal card in selected servers - resulting in this rule being removed soon.

Last updated and effective: June 27, 2022
Refund Policy
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