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Levelling & XP System

Our free levelling module with customizable text and voice-based XP system, level roles, and rank backgrounds boost community engagement. Configure exclusive channels and roles for members to strive towards, all for free.

Moderation Systems

Keep your server safe and secure. Our customizable moderation module offers kick and ban commands, message filtering, and auto-moderation to help you maintain a safe and healthy community. In addition, commands are built to allow even those with little experience to understand moderation quickly.

Celebrate Birthdays

Wish your members a happy birthday with our birthday announcing module. Users can set their birthdays whilst servers can set a channel to announce them in. Award a role as a special birthday gift and give them exclusive rewards like extra experience.


Track your members messages sent and voice minutes for the day, week and month in clean embeds which update every 5 minutes. Reward users for their activity and increase activity in all areas of your server.

We're a part of your communities and proud to say that.

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A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.

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A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.

Un bot de discord que soporta varios idiomas.

Дискорд-бот, поддерживающий множество языков.

Ang isang discord bot na nag susoporta ng madaming lenguahe.

Een Discord bot die meerdere talen ondersteund.

Ein Discord Bot welcher mehrere Sprachen unterstützt.

Birden çok dili destekleyen bir Discord botu.

Un bot Discord qui prend en charge plusieurs langues.

Discord ბოტი რომელიც მხარს უჭერს მრავალ ენას.

A Dispcprrd bot wheich sispeorts mutltile lanagauges.

A Discord bot that supports multiple languages.


Safe and protected

Easily keep your server secure and moderated with our moderation systems. Use powerful and simple commands for advanced systems.

Entertain your members

Introduce new members or allow existing users of Earthling to start or continue their economy journey with our fun and extensive fun module.

Increase activity

Use our levelling and leaderboard modules to encourage members to be more active through rewarding exclusive perks for being the most active for the month or a high level.

Friendly Earthling Staff

Our team members are always willing to help with any problems or questions. We are very passionate about improving Earthling and love to hear feedback and suggestions.

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