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Partnerships, working with you directly.
We partner with servers who show ambition towards using Earthling and have an active community that thrives to use us.
Partner Perks
Why partner with Earthling?
£0 / MONTH
  • Exclusive Support
  • Special Earthling Boosts
  • Displayed on our pages
  • Special Badge & Role
  • Vanity URL with our Domain
  • More coming soon!
We want to see every server that uses Earthling. Earthling Partnership allows us to connect with servers that use Earthling regularly and do enjoy the bot. Furthermore, we see that some servers have a huge dedication towards Earthlings' growth, and we'd like to see who they are. We offer our exclusive partner package to appeal to those who have an active, large, and friendly community.

What do Earthling Partners get?
Our Partnership package aims towards those servers where people use the bot on a daily basis. Servers partnered with Earthling gain special Earthling boosts including extra Pokémon Experience, more frequent Pokémon spawning, chances of rarer Pokémon spawning and more relating to other modules. We also include Exclusive Support to the representatives of the server, allowing them to get in direct contact with the higher ranks faster. Finally, the representatives are rewarded with a special Earthling Partner Badge and the special "Partner" role on our Discord Server.
What are the requirements?
We want all partners to have an active, friendly and rule-abiding server - meaning the server enforces the Discord Terms and Service and Guidelines. We also require that your server includes a friendly community where no NSFW, discrimination or illegal content is present. Finally, we require partners to have at least 100 members and semi-active channels that use Earthling regularly. Please be aware that we may accept partners below the requirements, and may not accept those who apply who are above the requirements - we may decline your application for any reason.
As the founder of Earthling and Lunar Café, Earthling has been essential towards productivity and moderation in the server as a whole. Since the server was created in 2019, and the bot was released in late 2020, the server's moderation since then has improved drastically. Furthermore, many of our members love the bot as it includes many modules everybody loves. It has definitely changed the server for the best.
Lunar Café
Why we are loved.
Earthling strives to create a bot that our servers and users want - this is why we are constantly listening to suggestions and feedback. Some reviews from our partner servers are listed on the left! To view our user reviews, use the button below.
Applying Partner
Apply for Earthling Partnership
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