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Building what you consider home.
Discord is made easy with everything from moderation, entertainment and more in one place.
Join Earthling growing
every day.
Earthling is a small Discord bot that is used on many servers, of all different sizes. With nearly 700 servers and hundreds of thousands of Discord users, we are a bot that members of those servers love.

Discord is made easy with everything from moderation, entertainment and more in one place. We want every server and user of Earthling to be happy, this is why we always listen to suggestions and are constantly upgrading to your standards.
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Large Servers that use
Earthling everyday.
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Nightmare's Pizzeria
+6,000 Members
Lunar Heaven
+4,300 Members
We are partnered with some of the bigger communities that use and hold Earthling with pride. If you own a server of any size, and Earthling is used regularly, feel free to join out support server if you wish to become partnered!

Nightmare's Pizzeria is a server with 6,000 members, owned by the verified YouTuber "Nightmare" with 300,000 subscribers. This bot is the most used bot in the server, loved by the community with its fun relationship and economy commands-  it is also used for its logging, levelling and moderation!

Lunar Heaven is server with 4,300 members, owned by the founder of Earthling. A community server that is based around the YouTube side of the owner welcomes everyone to create one huge family. This server uses Earthling as its main bot for everything, from levelling to moderation.
Discover More

Looking for something else? We have a few different pages to help you get started!


Discover the hundreds of commands Earthling has to offer. From moderation to economy and relationships, we have everything to keep your server fresh and entertaining.


Learn how Earthling works with our online documentation. From learning moderation to inviting the bot, everything about Earthling is located on this page.


Have a question, suggestions or need more help? Join our Discord Support Server to get help from our support team directly. 

Run, manage and enterain your Discord server with Earthling today for free.
Your modern and polished Discord bot, right at your servers doorstep.
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