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Level Card Badges

A description and explanation of all the available badges on Earthling rank cards.
August 7, 2023

Earthling has badges that users can earn to display their presence and achievements. These badges indicate a user's identity or showcase their accomplishments and can be found on their rank card. Additionally, the badges change color depending on the user's rank color setting. This blog will explain the meaning of each badge that users can earn.



The Developer Badge is given to someone who is a part of the "Software Development Team", they are responsible for programming and maintaining both the website and application.

Earthling Staff

A shield

The Earthling Staff Badge is given to someone who is a part of the staff team at Earthling, no matter their role.


The Translator Badge is given to someone who is an active or past translator at Earthling, they are involved with translating the application from English into other spoken languages.


The Contributor Badge is given to someone who has earned the "Contributor" role through either multiple great suggestions or approved bug reports.


The Partner Badge is given to representatives of a partnered server with Earthling.

Early Bird

The Early Bird badge is given to those who supported Earthling in the days it was small.


The Premium Badge is given to those who have an active Earthling subscription on any tier and can be earned by subscribing here, the badge is lost if the subscription is cancelled and the duration ends.

60 Day Voting Streak

The 60 Day Voting Streak Badge is given to those who reach or surpass a 60 day voting streak for Earthling on, this badge will be lost if the user loses their streak.


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Junior is the Founder and Lead Programmer at Earthling; they keep Earthling and all its servers working through programming and many other practices.