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Introducing Blogs!

Introducing our latest product in the Earthling family, blogs. Discover why we have implemented this feature along with our plans for the future.
July 23, 2023

We want Earthling to be a Discord Bot which offers great availability, features and communication. We never want to let our users down through updates and are always aiming to ensure every user is happy; we recognise the importance of seamless communication and staying connected with our incredible user base. That's why today we have decided to create our own blogs page where developers and team members can bring you closer to our journey and provide an amazing way to keep everyone up-to-date.

Transparency and Updates

We want our users to feel informed and engaged throughout every step of Earthling's development. With our blog, we aim to provide regular updates about the bot's progress, upcoming features, and much more. Because of our dedication to transparency, you'll always know why we make the decisions we do and have the chance to share your insightful opinions. We will keep you informed, address any issues, and constantly improve Earthling since we never want to let our users down.

Tutorials and Tips

We've learned a lot on our quest to give you the finest Discord bot experience, and we want to impart that information to you. In-depth guides and practical advice on how to maximise an Earthling's skills can be found on our blog. We believe that these materials will be helpful in taking your server to new heights, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro with Discord bots.

Sharing the Earthling Story

We want to use this opportunity as we foray into the world of blogging to convey the Earthling story, from its modest origins to where we stand today. Everything began with a common love of Discord and the desire to build something special—a bot that not only accomplished its task but also promoted a sense of community and camaraderie among its users.

Numerous hours were spent during the development process brainstorming, developing, testing, and improving. We encountered difficulties along the route, but we got stronger and more determined with each one. With the invaluable input from our early users, our vision for Earthling started to take shape, and we were certain that we were moving in the right direction.


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Junior is the Founder and Lead Programmer at Earthling; they keep Earthling and all its servers working through programming and many other practices.